Pesto Assistant

Pesto Assistant is here to improve your everyday life, standing by you every time you need it on any Android smartphone or tablet.

Just with your voice ask Pesto Assistant to:

  • Call your contacts
  • Write and send SMS and email to a specific contact of yours
  • Remind you of what you do not want to forget at a specific time
  • Translate what you say in over 40 languages
  • Play music and video from youtube
  • Search the internet
  • Navigate you to your destination
  • Take you to the place you parked
  • Inform you for the weather
  • Set the alarm
  • Open and close Bluetooth and wi-fi
  • Open features and applications of your device

As soon as Pesto Assistant appears on your screen, you will be informed about :

  • The nameday celebrations
  • The reminders of the day
  • Celebrations / anniversaries of the day
  • The weather in your area

Furthermore, Pesto Assistant will also

  • Inform for the person that is calling you
  • Inform you for the one that has just sent SMS
  • Read your incoming message if you respond positively to the relevant question

Pesto Assistant will be particularly useful when you are on the go, you are busy with other jobs, you have forgotten your glasses, you have more important things to do, you want to impress your company or you just sit tired on the couch .