Pesto Assistant : Just say it!

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“Good morning! Today you have no reminders. The weather in the area is mainly sunshine. ” From now on every time you open your smartphone or tablet, your personal digital assistant, Pesto Assistant, will be your valuable companion. He speaks and understands Greek and executes every voice command! You can download it for free from the Play Store ( on any Android device you may have.

Pesto Assistant is multiplayer: it calls your contacts, sends messages, writes mail, plays songs, reads your incoming messages, tells you who is calling, translates to more than 40 languages, reminds you of your obligations, takes you to your destination, gives you the information you are looking for, finds where you have parked, even sets the alarm! And all this just with your voice (and his voice!).

Your digital assistant Pesto Assistant will be particularly useful when you are on the go, you are busy with other jobs, you have forgotten your glasses, you have more important things to do, you want to impress your company or you just sit tired on the couch .

More information about Pesto Assistant and what it can do for you can be found at Download Pesto Assistant now and make your daily life a bit better!