Write your SMS messages with your voice! Just tell your message and the recipient’s name. PestoSMS will understand you, it will fill in automatically the recipient’s data and convert accurately your voice into text. Your message is ready to be sent! Additionally, you can send the same message by e-mail or through popular social networking applications you may have installed on your device.

PestoSMS is reliable, functional, user-friendly and safe. Whatever you do, wherever you are, write your messages with your voice without distracting your attention and keep your eyes on what’s important!


  • Superior speech recognition in Greek and Turkish (under the trade name SöyleSMS)
  • Auto completion of the recipient’s details
  • Dictation of the punctuation marks
  • Send the message by SMS and share it via e-mail and / or social media apps

Internet connection is required. In order to avoid congestion and to protect the quality of services Fair Usage Policy is applied with a limit of 300 dictations per month. The service may be restricted in case of exceeding.


  • Vocal typing
  • Messages
  • SMS
  • Voice Recognition

Download for Windows Phone