Running Noah in US primary schools

Learning the times tables takes a lot of repetition, which children often find boring. Running Noah uses children’s love of video games to give them lots of repetition of their multiplication facts whilst playing a fun game. In Running Noah players may fail many times before they succeed and this enables an iterative approach that benefits the quick recall of multiplication tables. Practice with this sort of material can help kids develop a knowledge base that results in reliable retrieval of facts and the sort of flexible application of this knowledge that is required in higher-order problems. This was precisely the fact that has prompted many primary schools in the US to incorporate Useappility’s application into their educational process. Already more than 6,500 students use Running Noah to practice multiplication tables, turning this painful process into a pleasant experience.


48 Levels σε 4 Episodes 
with increasing difficulty

Multiplication facts up to 12×12

48 Different species of animals to save

144 Bridges to build