Το ταξίδι του Τιμόδαμου

“The Adventures of Molosidi: The Journey of Timodamou” is an interactive educational tour of the past through the exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina.


“Syracuse 230 BC. An “olkas” lies anchored in the bustling port of the rich Sicilian city. The large merchant ship is laden with goods: cereals and wine, pots and textiles. It is preparing to set sail. Among those preparing to embark is Timodamos. He is a merchant. He has purchased the goods he is interested in: cereals and pots. His journey has a different purpose however. He wants to visit Dodoni, in order to receive an oracle from the gods. He wants to ask Zeus: Should he continue being a trader on land and at sea or should he stop? Times are hard. Pirates are roaming the Ionian and Adriatic Sea. From Chaonia to Akarnania, cities are being besieged and plundered, alliances are changing, enemies are becoming friends and friends becoming enemies. The Epirotes, Aetolians, Macedonians, Akarnanes and Illyrians keep changing sides and allies, and are constantly at war. Timodamos’ companion on this journey is a small mouse, Molossides…”

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